The innovative mattresses that reinvent the sleeping experience

Ecus is a Spanish company established in 1989 dedicated to design, manufacture and marketing of resting products: mattresses, pillows, bedsteads, bedding, upholstery, etc. Activities that Ecus has been performing for over 25 years.

Our products are sold, not only in Spain, but in several countries around the world as France, China, Brazil, Germany, South Africa and Morocco among others. However, nowadays Ecus remains a family-owned business and it is now in its second generation.


With innovative spirit and international character, we can highlight the expansion success of our company with the EcusKids shops established in China since 2010 (75 stores). Furthermore the production plant established in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 2011 and which production supplies the demand in South America, or the number of registered patents and prizes for Innovation in Product Design awarded by the Institute of Development in 2012.

Innovation and certificate. Design and manufacture

Innovation is in the firm’s DNA. We were pioneers in some of the most important technologies in the rest industry, such as the rolled mattresses, the incorporation of pocketed springs, encapsulated cores, and the use of non toxic glues. In the nineties Ecus managed to become the first company in the bedding industry with the international quality certificate ISO 9001 and the environmental qualification ISO 14001. This tradition is reinforced with the creation of a R+D department and the consequent development of product designs addressed to satisfying the needs of specific market segments.

Hotel contract

At Ecus we know how important it is for you to ensure to your customers and guests a quality sleep that is truly restful and pleasant. The comfort provided will be the key of the stay, regardless they use the Spa or not. Moreover, we must ensure the profitability of your businesses and your investments, at Ecus we have developed a product offer that is specific, special, and totally focused in covering your needs as a hotel: mattresses with Fire Retardant fabrics, resistant and highly breathable, with healthy and hygienic interiors, and at the same time adaptable and lasting, of all sizes, different heights, etc., involving ourselves in the transportation and assembly of the equipment and removal of used material. We are pleased to help you.

In 2016 will attend to these events:

Salone del Mobile, Milano. April 2016
International Nursery Fair, Harrogate, April 2016
The Hotel Show, Jeddah , May 016
Kind + Jugend Colonia. September 2016
The Hotel Show, Dubai. September 2016
Bebés y Mamás, Madrid, October 2016
Equipotel, Paris. November 2016
Esprit Meuble, Paris. December 2016

The innovative mattresses that reinvent the sleeping experience