Leading brand of ceramic top tables

Discalsa is one of the top brands when it comes to ceramic top tables. The firm’s main driving force is to achieve a harmonious combination among innovation, quality and excellence. Discalsa’s ultimate goal is to turn these tables into the focal point of living spaces and give them the attention they deserve. These pieces of furniture possess the perfect mix of innovation and design, meaning that families don’t have to give up on the aesthetics of their living spaces.


Silke: a fusion of noble materials: the table-top is made of ceramics, supported by a structure made of oak wood, sitting on top of metallic legs. The Silke table can be created in any dimension or format.

Kire: this table has the right mix of sophistication, design and functionality, as we have incorporated an extension system which is highly useful.

Famm: this ceramic table has a very homelike aspect, due to its solid oak wood legs. Also, it provides warmness to living spaces.

Modo: this contemporary design which sits on top of metal legs is available in 12 different dimensions. The Modo table also comes with the incorporation of the extension system.

Soho: this piece has an industrial design, and is available in 12 different dimensions. The incorporation of the extension system provides functionality to the piece.

All of the tables are designed to incorporate the aluminum extension system.

The features that characterize the ceramic tables are the following:

No scratching

No porosity

Hygienic and suitable for direct food contact

Natural materials

Live and enjoy a durable and resistant design table!

The innovation of gifting to the design table the functionality of a material which allows us to live our table in all its dimensions and integrate it in our family and professional live.