Innovative design for lighting for commercial projects

Bover is one of the reference companies in Spanish decorative lighting. Among the most important products of its catalog are the OUTDOOR and contemporary series.

The aim of Bover is to define a commercial line that knows how to maintain a balance between quality and form that result in a timeless style that can be adapted to future needs without problems.

Design is the process that allows us to reflect and analyze the features and benefits of the product“. Points out, Joana Bover, CEO of the Company.

Quality is also a fundamental requirement of Bover products and the treatment given to every material that the lamp consists of is unique. Bover is produced entirely in Barcelona giving the company full control of its production chain and thereby the quality and delivery of each component.

“Creativity is to look where everyone looks and see what no one else sees”, says Joana Bover

The company employs a team of professionals that live and feel the cultural work around them on a daily basis and their values are reflected in the products that Bover presents.

Creativity is to look where everyone looks and see what no one else sees